-The Alumni Advantage

How Innovative Companies Leverage Their Former Employees

Never has it been more important for organizations to recognize and maintain a relationship with their former employees. Corporate Alumni programs are an organizations secret weapon, rapidly providing access to talent, sales and brand advocates.

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For companies to succeed in creating a Corporate Alumni Community they must use B2C methodologies to move from transactional engagement to value based engagement. The employee experience no longer ends at the exit interview and Alumni programming is transforming global business.

James Sinclair is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive of EnterpriseAlumni, the market leading Alumni Experience Platform that enables organizations to maintain a relationship with their former employees. With customers across the Global 2000, James leads product and strategy to enable organizations to create an authentic and valuable community that serves both the Alumni and the Organization.

Who cares. Surely if an organization has a discretionary dollar it should be spent on retaining existing employees. Surely the best way to not have a talent or skills shortage in the organization is to invest in your employees, teach the new skills and competencies and drive down the employee turnover? Focus on the employees that are loyal to the organization, not the traitors who leave thinking the grass is greener. How ungrateful for that person to leave after everything we have done for them.

In reality, the last generation of employees in the workforce who think like this are leaving, replaced with a newer generation that recognizes relationships are for life and the concept of your network is your net worth is as applicable between a company and its people as it is between the people themselves.

The new class of thinking is that employees leave and go on to bigger, better jobs BECAUSE of the company not in spite of it, that the company should applaud the fact that its recruiting, training and development is highly sought after by competitors in the market, the company should look at it as a positive reflection of their organization.

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